DU Meter 6.2

Monitor your computer speed when on the Internet and transferring files to detect possible viruses

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    Windows Vista / Windows 98 / Windows XP / Windows NT / Windows 8 / Windows ME / Windows 7 / Windows 98 SE / Windows 2000 / Windows 95

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DU Meter 6.2
DU Meter 6.03

DU Meter is a piece of software that was initially designed to aid in the regulation of network traffic so users could avoid having to buy expensive software that handles full-scale network administration.

This tool is entirely free, and it includes a number of features that make it stand out from similar competitors. Such features include compatibility with essentially every network connection variety, an events system that is totally fluid and flexible, and an events log that provides in-depth analyses.

The main purpose of DU Meter is to help you in your vigilance against unusual or possibly dangerous activity on your network. It will send you alerts when such activity occurs so you can do what needs to be done. While the tool started as a limited, clinical tool, it has since been upgraded with several improvements like a miniature mode for out-of-the-way operation and a sleeker UI.

With the help of a legitimate database engine, DU Meter is able to provide highly detailed and precise notifications whenever something out of the ordinary occurs on your network. If you happen to use Windows Vista, you'll get even more utility out of DU Meter in the form of a sidebar tool that other Windows operating systems don't support. If you only need the most basic monitoring of your network to help with foreseeing potentially harmful activity, the clear choice is DU Meter.

The most recent version of DU Meter saw an extensive update from the previous version. An issue that prevented the UI language from matching the altered language setting in the options menu has been fixed, and most of the localized text has been cleared of grammatical errors and typos. Before this update, changing the language would force the title bar of the app to display incorrect text, but that has been fixed.

The graphical UI of the software received one of the largest updates. An issue that prevented the taskbar band from functioning in certain versions of Windows has been repaired, and you can now activate miniature mode by double-clicking inside the app whether or not the taskbar can be seen. A clipping issue with the 'beep' sound effect has been fixed, and the Network Connection Viewer tool has been updated to support the IPv6 protocol. That same tool also now shows the full names of all available active processes.

The auto-logon feature has been optimized to allow the software to start when the Windows OS starts, and systems that have SSD drives running Windows XP no longer experience failed start of service. In certain cases, the last version of the DU Meter software would force Windows to crash during shutdown, but that has been repaired. Errors in the service were not always accurately logged in the last release, but that has been corrected. A new system for reporting errors prevents a fault that would have allowed the error log to grow exponentially.


  • Network Traffic Logs
  • Senses Imminent Connection Issues


  • Difficult Learning Curve
  • Lacks Network Security Tools

Hagel Technologies DU Meter is a small (3.3 megabyte) but powerful program developed as an app. The program monitors system activity, is compatible with most system connections, can be adapted to a particular machine or system’s needs, and has a flexible scheduling format. This format makes the program easy to handle for the inexperienced user who wants or needs protection from spammers or phishers.

You need to face the fact that any device or network you use is subject to an attempt at data theft at any time. While your software and your ISP may provide some protection, a utility like DU Meter provides an extra level of security that is usually a function of a systems administrator.

The basic idea is to give you an on the spot evaluation of the amount of data that is being transferred through your system at a given time. You can leave the DU Meter on all the time. You can also invoke the system at predetermined times of day or week to give you protection from data theft from inside your organization and from outside your enterprise.

The DU meter is a simple download that is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. The utility app works with phone modems, DSL, LAN, cable modems and satellite connections. The system can run in a discreet mode that is visible only to a selected set of computers in a network. This added functionality allows you to keep track of data use on a system without the other users being aware of your presence or monitoring.

You will probably need to consult the manual to get the full benefit of DU Meter. The program consists of three screens.

The monitoring screen shows you system usage. You can adjust settings to make email or auditory alerts if system data use rises above a predetermined level.

The setup page allows you to select the type of system you will use the DU meter with and the type of data--network, Internet, or both--you will be monitoring.

The options page allows you to adapt the DU Meter program to your specific needs. You have the option of selecting data types, naming data rates, running weekly and monthly scans, planning start times and days, and selecting a language. You can also select nodes to monitor based on IP address or network adapter. The setup allows you to customize the graphic presentation with colors and charting options. The setup also allows you to select which emails that will be notified in the event of extraordinary system use. You can also select the sound that will alert you in the case of a harmful event.

The present version of the DU Meter is 6.26. This version addresses previous problems with download, installation, start, shutdown, and interface issues. The app is free at present but the trial version license indicates a paid version is in the works.

The DU Meter is one of the most comprehensive and versatile data use monitoring programs available. The program works with all the hardware that is presently used by the majority of systems used at present. This is an added level of data protection that is essential for anyone that has personal data or proprietary information on their system. The program allows you to monitor both internal and external data usage and stop a potential data loss before it happens.


  • Works with most hardware
  • Tracks data use from internal and external sources
  • Adaptable to any system
  • Discrete monitoring


  • Can be difficult to set up for inexperienced users
  • Does not prevent data theft
  • Does not warn of impending system attacks
  • Free now but paid version seems to be in the future

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